Top 10 Time Saving Workout Tips For Busy People

Whether it’s catching a jet for a sales trip or buying stock for a client just before the NASDAQ soars, seconds count in the business world. But you don’t have to leave the philosophy in the locker room when you hit the gym. Although there’s never an excuse for sloppy exercise technique, there are dozens of safe ways to shave time from your workout routine, and still train like a champ. Here are 10 most effective time saving workout tips for busy professionals.

1. Practice some fancy footwork – Simply changing your foot placement from exercise to exercise can turn a simply leg press into a total leg workout.

2. Attack the opposites – Train opposing muscle groups during rest periods. For example, after you get done doing bench presses, switch to seated rows for your upper and lower back.

3. Rev up your fat burning furnace – Treadmills are great for walking, jogging or running, but doing a little of each by interval training can help kick your body’s fat-burning ability into high gear.

4. Bear down on a bench – A single bench can be your workout island in a sea of exercise chaos, allowing you to do chest and shoulder presses, triceps extensions, upright rows, pullovers and other exercises.

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