Weight Loss Supplements – Are They Just Vitamins?

While it is essential to take vitamin supplements when attempting weight loss, weight loss supplements contain more than just vitamins phenq weight loss. Healthy supplements will also contain other nutrients such as amino acids and protein. Though consuming less food, a person needs to ensure they are still getting vital nutrients to maintain their health.

Acia berries are the latest food product used in the weight loss industry. These plump, juicy berries grow in clusters on palm trees in the Amazon Rain Forest phentermine clinics near me. They are about 1 inch in size and are generally blackish purple in color. In addition to vitamins A,B and E, these berries contain omega fatty acids and amino acids as well as protein, electrolytes and fiber. Acai is considered a complete food by some cultures due to all the nutrients it harbors. In select areas acai berries, in one form or another, make up 42% of native diets phenq news.

The chemical resveratrol is also part of the berry’s chemical components. Resveratrol is a known antioxidant that protects one’s body from internal and external stressors that can lead to illness. Along with omega fatty acids, resveratrol is known to lower bad cholesterol which promotes cardio and vascular health Phenq holland and barrett.